The developer's best tools of 2023

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Since so many new tools and services have come out since my last list, I decided it's time for a new list of tools and services.

So without further ado

  • Appwrite - Open-Source End-to-End Backend Server

  • Urlbox - Fast, Reliable Website Screenshot API

  • Scrapy - A Fast and Powerful Scraping and Web Crawling Framework for extracting the data you need from websites.

  • Shuffle - Shuffle gives you 7,400+ fully responsive UI components to get you started.

  • Thunder Client - A hand-crafted lightweight Rest API Client extension for Visual Studio Code

  • Cypress - Fast, easy, and reliable web testing for any applications or components that run in a browser.

  • Hasura - Instant GraphQL on all your data, with built-in Auth and Cache

  • ChatGPT - No list would be complete without it.

  • Figma - Create graphics without Photoshop, plus it has many features PS doesn't have and it's free.

  • Tiny Kiwi - Amazing designs in a matter of seconds

  • Anyword - The Only AI Copywriter That Knows What Converts

  • Notion - Developers can only remember some things but need to be able to find them quickly. What I love about Notion is using different templates. You can use different templates to go from a wiki to a project management tool.

  • Hashnode - A list would only be complete with Hashnode for your blog.

That's enough awesome tools that developers can save time using, and I'm working on collecting my favorite CLI tools atm since many of us are CLI Commandos.

I hope you enjoyed the list. Leave a comment and tell me what you would like to see more of. Give me a follow if you want more content like this and along with PHP and JS knowledge.

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