Sublime Text Editor Snippets for Bonfire Released

For those that use Bonfire and Sublime Text Editor, I have released my collection Snippet's collection of just Bonfire snippets. Since there is already a CodeIgniter Snippet package out there, I'm only including Bonfire specific snippet's in the Package.

Currently, you have to install the packages manually with git

Installation Instructions

    git clone ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages/bonfire-snippets

    git clone ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages/bonfire-snippets

Current Snippets

These are the current snippets I've included, ordered in some fashion that sorta made sense.

Update: I just included all my Model Snippets and my Debugging Snippets related to Bonfire.

Template and Assets

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set_data Template::set();
render Template::render();
toolbar_title Template::set('toolbar_title', '');
clear_cache Assets::clear_cache();
add_js Assets::add_js();
add_css Assets::add_css();
add_mod_js Assets::add_module_js();
add_mod_css Assets::add_module_css();

Various Randoms

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cur_user $this->current_user->?;
bf_model Generates Bonfire Model Skeleton Structure
auth_controller Generates Authenticated_Controller Skeleton Structure
haz_perm PHP If Wrapper for has_permission check
restrict $this->auth->restrict();
log_activity $this->activity_model->log_activity($this->current_user->user_id(), '', 'module');
settings_set $this->settings_lib->set();
settings_delete $this->settings_lib->delete();

Bonfire Module Snippets

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find $records = $this->$1_model->find($2);
find_by $records = $this->$1_model->find_by('$1', '$2');
find_all_by $records = $this->$1_model->find_all_by('$1', '$2');
insert $id = $this->$1_model->insert($2);
update $result = $this->$1_model->update($2, $data);
update_where $result = $this->$1_model->update_where('$2', '$3', ${4:$data});
delete $result = $this->$1_model->delete($2);
delete_where $result = $this->$1_model->delete_where('$2', '$3');
count_by $num = $this->$1_model->count_by('$2', '$3');

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cplog ChromePhp::log($1);
cperror ChromePhp::error($1);
console Console::log($1);
enable_profiler $this->output->enable_profiler(FALSE);
bflog parent::logit($1, '${2:error]');
log logit($1, '${2:error]');
dad $dump()die;

If you have any snippets you use for Bonfire please fork and add them.

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