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As developers, we use a lot of different tools, and new ones are constantly coming out. I'm going to list out some of the tools I use and services I use to get my job done easier.


  1. Notion Notion is one of the best tools I've found for project management, it allows you to create/import Task Lists, Wiki's, Product Road Maps, Meeting Notes, pretty much anything. And it also allows you to create your own templates that you can reuse or share. I've seen a few products host their documentation site's from their Notion notebooks.
  2. MacDown I write a lot of my HTML copy in Markdown and Export it out of MacDown, it produces clean code that is easy to style.
  3. Tinkerwell Tinkerwell allows you to write PHP code and test it while you write it. For testing quick ideas and things like that it is awesome.
  4. Sizzy Browser A new browser designed for Responsive Web Design, it shows you what your site looks like in a number of resolutions at the same time.


  1. Calendly Provides a service to book meetings and phone calls while checking for conflicts in your calendar. I use the free tier which works fine for my needs.
  2. ZohoCRM I personally keep all my leads in a CRM, Zoho works for my needs and it has a lot of other modules that can be integrated together to provide all the services you need.
  3. CanIUse I always look up what browsers support mostly what JavaScript functions I am about to use, a lot of older browsers do not support the newer features so I like to make sure everything I write is going to work in the browsers I support.
  4. RemoveBG A quick service that does a wonderful job of removing the background from most images, I personally find it faster to remove the background using this service than opening Photoshop or another Image Editor and doing it.

There is a few of the newer applications and services that I use to do my job, I'll revise this post later when I think of some more that I use fairly often.

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